Be fruitful and despise not a day of small and seed of beginning
Welcome to Seed of Beginning Ministries. It is no accident that you are on our  website as God leads everyone to a place, time and person at the fullness of time to activate the seed of your God given purpose in life. You are stepping into a place where God wants to begin to process the seed that He has engrained in you to become like a tree for this world to see His Glory.

Jesus preached and taught the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and what it is like so that we may be restored into His original intent of creating us. We are created in the image and likeness of Our Creator which makes us a "creator" on earth of new things according to His will that we may manage and subdue it. There is a beginning to the things that now exist and see in the natural world. God has no end nor beginning but He created us in Spirit (unseen) and Physical (seen) Realms to be rulers of this earth under His reign. He desires to bring heaven on earth and to dwell with man.

The church (people) is the Body of Christ. The church gathers in a place in order to fellowship, learn the word of God and to be of service to the community and the world. We, the people, are the Body of Christ, His Church and Temple. So wherever we go we represent Christ and are the mobile and living "church" that brings the good news to others. This ministry is to teach believers and non believers with the Word of God to activate the inner and divine purpose that God has planted to everyone.

This ministry involves teaching The Gospel of the Kingdom of God and Biblical truths of who you are according to the revelation of God upon you so that you may impact this world with heavenly things through Christ or that you may begin to know and understand the reason of your existence on earth when you encounter Christ personally

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